MSDN and TechNet Australia blogs

So I was at the Ready Summit this week, and was amused to see that amongst the stuff in the ‘showbag’, there were a couple of pamphlets (which I should’ve kept, scanned and showed you for entertainment value) advertising MSDN and TechNet. At the bottom of them (which is where the entertainment factor came in), … Continue reading MSDN and TechNet Australia blogs

Oh, that’s how you do Whooiz with Community Server…

When I first put the link to the bit of script to list my Whooiz Friendz, it didn’t work. It would just display as the link. Seems <script would be replaced with &lt;script – but there’s an answer! shows you how to tell Community Server to allow things like this. A quick tweak to … Continue reading Oh, that’s how you do Whooiz with Community Server…

Whooiz my Friendz?

Observant people will have noticed a friend-list appear on the side of my blog. Changing my blog around is way overdue for me. I need to take a few hours out some time and work on the CSS. I still don’t have all the useful stuff that I had at my old blog site. One … Continue reading Whooiz my Friendz?

ACS BEC meeting

Last night I attended my first ACS Branch Executive Committee (SA) meeting. It was certainly quite interesting. Great to meet the other people, even some of those who are stepping down from the committee now (presumably to be replaced by me!). The new chairman, Reg Coutts seems like a very interesting guy who has great … Continue reading ACS BEC meeting

Wacom Tablet on multiple screens

I got a Wacom Tablet recently. One of those USB devices which lets you use a pen instead of a mouse. It’s really cool in all kinds of ways, but I typically use it in mouse-mode, not in pen-mode. In mouse-mode, I have to drag the cursor around with the pen, just like I would … Continue reading Wacom Tablet on multiple screens

Evaluation forms

Evaluation forms are great. There’s something really nice about mulling through a pile of them after a meeting, having a look at what people wrote. It’s also good to have audio-only copies of your presentations, so you can listen back to them to see where you went wrong. And you can get friends to listen … Continue reading Evaluation forms

My brother – not quite a Hawk yet

Well, my brother hasn’t quite joined an AFL side yet, but maybe he’ll get in through the Rookie Draft on Dec 12. He’s not one of the big names expected, but then again, a few months ago he wasn’t expecting to even be training with Hawthorn.

Oracle has 3400% more vulnerabilities than SQL Server

There has been a lot of talk over the years about how Microsoft products are vulnerable to hacks. When I went through university many moons ago, Microsoft were certainly painted as the evil empire (not necessarily by individuals or as the university as a whole, more just an overall feeling), whilst we were the rebel … Continue reading Oracle has 3400% more vulnerabilities than SQL Server

An A2-sized rugged Tablet PC in the shower

I have lots of ideas in the shower. Perhaps it’s because I’m just waking up from sleeping on stuff, perhaps it’s because the water cleans impurities out of the air, meaning that my brain gets fed a better quality of oxygen (I’ve seriously heard this theory before). But whatever the reason, I often find myself … Continue reading An A2-sized rugged Tablet PC in the shower