Corrupt Paul Randal in Adelaide

Ok, not so much _in_ Adelaide as, umm… well… Ok, he's going to be presenting a session remotely, about corruption in Microsoft. Or at least, the way that Microsoft handles corruption in SQL Server.

Paul Randal must be corrupt himself, because he's Kimberly Tripp's other half. So if you're going to be in Adelaide on Jun 14th, come along and listen to him talk. Register at:

5 thoughts on “Corrupt Paul Randal in Adelaide”

  1. hmmm… are you saying that I've corrupted him? Quite the other way around indeed!

    But – he certainly knows his way around corrupt data (and finding the real meaning of it :).


  2. Yeah – we mentioned in various sessions at TechEd we're getting married at the end of July 🙂 If we're lucky I'll persuade Kimberly to do demos for us on Thursday.

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