More presentations coming up

So the pre-/post-con submission I made for the PASS Summit in November didn’t get picked up (although I’m still hoping to get a regular session or two), but in the meantime, I have other presentations going on. Those who participated in the 24 Hours of PASS event last month will know that I was a … Continue reading More presentations coming up

Christian’s book – not just Brent’s

I like to joke with Christian Bolton (@christianbolton) about the time when he got accused of claiming to have written Brent’s book. Of course, he didn’t write Brent’s book – Brent wrote some of Christian’s. And it’s an excellent book. For a start, I should point out that I know several of the authors. Christian’s … Continue reading Christian’s book – not just Brent’s

PASS Chapter map

Displaying information on an interactive map really isn’t that hard to do. My friends John & Bronwen have been doing this stuff for ages through their company Soul Solutions, and have done lots of talks about how to do this. They have the ability to take that stuff far beyond what I can, but as … Continue reading PASS Chapter map

What makes a great place to work

Co-incidentally, I’ve been looking for office space for LobsterPot Solutions during the same few days that Luke Hayler (@lukehayler) has asked for my thoughts (okay, he ‘tagged’ me) on what makes a great place to work. He lists People and Environment, and I’m inclined to agree, but with a couple of other things too. I … Continue reading What makes a great place to work

My favourite feature of SQL 2008 R2

Interestingly, my favourite new feature of SQL Server 2008 R2 isn’t any of the obvious things.  You may have read my recent posts about how much I like some of the new Reporting Services features, such as the map control. Or you may have seen my presentation at SQLBits V on StreamInsight, which I think … Continue reading My favourite feature of SQL 2008 R2