One other thing: Why ‘LobsterPot’?

I get this question a lot. I don’t mean just ‘every so often’, I mean all the time. It would average out to daily, but there are still days when I only see people who have already asked. Either way, it’s definitely a lot. And they always put it the same way: “One other thing: … Continue reading One other thing: Why ‘LobsterPot’?

PASS Summit North America 2010

My first PASS Summit didn’t let me down. LobsterPot Solutions sent two people to PASS this year – I was joined by Roger, who also wore the First Time ribbon on his conference badge. Roger is presenting in a couple of weeks to the Adelaide SQL Server User Group (a PASS Chapter), so was keen … Continue reading PASS Summit North America 2010

The Incredible Shrinking Execution Plan script

I just got out of my SQLPASS session, and have uploaded the script from that to the LobsterPot site. The following link should get you there: I’ve uploaded it as plain text, to make life easier for my host. Enjoy!

In my presentation

So I’m in the middle of a presentation at SQLPASS, and thought I’d just write a blogpost. (Here’s the key – it’s the Zoom function) My session is on the Incredible Shrinking Execution Plan, and the basic idea behind it is to demonstrate stuff that the Query Optimizer can do to avoid work. It’s much … Continue reading In my presentation

The SQLPASS Keynote – part 6

Sitting on the bloggers table is turning out to be fun. I’ve scared off Buck Woody (@buckwoody) (he said he had things to do), and Thomas LaRock (@sqlrockstar) has sat down in the spot he had assigned before the start. Despite the fact that there’s mostly keyboard noises going on, rather than people saying things … Continue reading The SQLPASS Keynote – part 6

The SQLPASS Keynote – part 5

Atlanta is getting announced. It’s a system which runs on your SQL Server system, uploading information about your system, its configuration, performance, and so on, to a service in the cloud. This information can then be browsed (or queried, of course), using a dashboard of information. Access to it can also be given to Microsoft … Continue reading The SQLPASS Keynote – part 5

The SQLPASS Keynote – part 4

Dave Mariani from Yahoo (VP Development, User Data and Analytics) is on stage at the PASS Keynote, talking about how they analyse 120TB of data each day, delivering insight and the information they need to provide for advertisers. The specs are 3.5B events per day. 1.2TB of data to be loaded (50GB files every hour), … Continue reading The SQLPASS Keynote – part 4

The SQLPASS Keynote – part 3

The announcements are coming in more quickly now. I’m quickly pushing this link out there, because it’s a good summary of some of the information. It’s not everything, and I’ll be writing more about things as the day progresses. I’ve also heard that I may need to be changing parts of my spatial talk … Continue reading The SQLPASS Keynote – part 3

The SQLPASS Keynote – part 2

One of my favourite bits about keynote sessions are the videos that get shown leading up to the main speaker. Here at SQLPASS this year, they’ve just shown a few minutes of people talking about the early days of SQL Server. My favourite quote from it was about the first internal build of SQL 7 … Continue reading The SQLPASS Keynote – part 2

The SQLPASS Keynote – part 1

Not sure I was expecting to see a Tina impersonator at before 8:30am on a Tuesday morning, but this is SQLPASS 2010. There’s lots of big announcements this week, particularly around Denali – which is SQL 11. The first public installation (CTP1) became available for download this morning. In fact – one of my guys … Continue reading The SQLPASS Keynote – part 1