Visualising data a different way with Pivot collections

Roger’s been doing a great job extending PivotViewer recently, and you can find the list of LobsterPot pivots at Many months back, the TED Talk that Gary Flake did about Pivot caught my imagination, and I did some research into it. At the time, most of what we did with Pivot was geared towards … Continue reading Visualising data a different way with Pivot collections

PASS Summit Feedback

PASS Feedback came in last week. I also saw my dentist for some fillings… At the PASS Summit this year, I delivered a couple of regular sessions and a Lightning Talk. People told me they enjoyed it, but when the rankings came out, they showed that I didn’t score particularly well. Brent Ozar was keen … Continue reading PASS Summit Feedback

My Lightning Talk in MP3 format

Download it now via  Lots of people tell me they wish they’d heard my Lightning Talk from the PASS Summit. This was the one that was five minutes, in which I explained Collation using examples comparing US English, UK English and Australian English. At the end, I showed my Arsenal thongs. You can see … Continue reading My Lightning Talk in MP3 format

Collation errors in business

At the PASS Summit last month, I did a set (Lightning Talk) about collation, and in particular, the difference between the “English” spoken by people from the US, Australia and the UK. One of the examples I gave was that in the US drivers might stop for gas, whereas in Australia, they just open the … Continue reading Collation errors in business

PowerShell to fetch a SQL Execution Plan

With PowerShell becoming the scripting language of choice for many people, I’ve occasionally wondered about using it to analyse execution plans. After all, an execution plan is just XML, and PowerShell is just one tool which will very easily handle xml. The thing is – there’s no Get-SqlPlan cmdlet available, which has frustrated me in … Continue reading PowerShell to fetch a SQL Execution Plan