Table-valued parameters in SQL 2005

Can’t be done? Oh, but it can. Let me show you. Just quickly, a Table-Valued Parameter is a useful thing introduced in SQL 2008 that lets you have a read-only parameter which is a table type, passed into a stored procedure. To use it you need to have a user-defined table type, so that you … Continue reading Table-valued parameters in SQL 2005

Highlights and Lowlights of PASS Summit 2011

This was a proper big week. The PASS Summit ran from Tuesday night to Friday, but I’d arrived in America the Friday before. So by the time it actually started, I had that strange feeling that things were wrapping up. My calendar was ridiculously full. The stuff that I was aware of ahead of time … Continue reading Highlights and Lowlights of PASS Summit 2011

Supporting Leukemia Research at the Portland Half Marathon

My company LobsterPot Solutions gives quite a bit to charity. Sometimes it’s working for reduced rates (or even free), but sometimes we give money directly. A Seattle-based friend of mine has CML – one of the types of leukemia, and when I found out she was raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by … Continue reading Supporting Leukemia Research at the Portland Half Marathon

I should’ve looked the other way

The words for that song I did at the PASS Summit 2011 are as follows. On the Friday, I stopped where the bridge starts. Various recordings of it are making it to YouTube, such as here, where the song starts around 2:20 in. I should’ve looked the other way Verse 1: My query sucks – … Continue reading I should’ve looked the other way

Data, Information and Knowledge

Hopefully my connection is slightly better during today’s keynote than it was during yesterday’s, when “Live Blogging” didn’t really cut it. The PASS staff saw the problem and have resolved it (thanks guys!). Quentin Clark has jumped on stage to talk some more about SQL Server 2012, and he started with the expression “Data, Information … Continue reading Data, Information and Knowledge

Mashing up data

In the PASS Summit Keynote (Day 1), they’re demonstrating tools to join data from Excel, Marketplace, SQL Azure, using the “Data Explorer”. The thing that I’m liking about this is that you can specify that you want to do a lookup or a merge. Both joins, but two different types. I like this because when … Continue reading Mashing up data

SQL + Hadoop news

I’m at the PASS Summit, and announcements are coming out nice and fast. One of the big ones that has just been made is that SQL Server will work much more closely with Apache Hadoop. Amazing stuff, that I think helps people realise that Microsoft is very much about providing platforms, and isn’t trying to … Continue reading SQL + Hadoop news

PASS Summit 2011 – Day 1 Keynote

I’m a guest blogger again! This trip is already several days old for me. I arrived in America on Friday, delivered two sessions at Portland SQL Saturday event, walked (on Sunday) the Portland Half Marathon as a sponsor of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program, delivered a full-day summit precon seminar on Monday, … Continue reading PASS Summit 2011 – Day 1 Keynote

Joins without JOIN

I’m now doing two sessions at the SQL Saturday event in Portland. I had been scheduled to do a single session (on indexes), but got an email yesterday asking if I could do another one as well. So now I’m going to do a session earlier in the day about Joins. Yes, JOINs. Nice co-incidence … Continue reading Joins without JOIN