Plan Operator Tuesday round-up

Eighteen posts for T-SQL Tuesday #43 this month, discussing Plan Operators. I put them together and made the following clickable plan. Let me explain this plan for you (people’s names are the links to the articles on their blogs – the same links as in the plan above). It was clearly a SELECT statement. Wayne … Continue reading Plan Operator Tuesday round-up

Spooling in SQL execution plans

Sewing has never been my thing. I barely even know the terminology, and when discussing this with American friends, I even found out that half the words that Americans use are different to the words that English and Australian people use. That said – let’s talk about spools! In particular, the Spool operators that you … Continue reading Spooling in SQL execution plans

Running goals – an update

Back in January, I wrote about some of my “running goals”. It’s time to update those of you who aren’t connected to me on Twitter or Facebook (or weren’t looking on the right days). I mentioned that I wanted to get a better time in a half marathon. Yes. I did that. I ran two … Continue reading Running goals – an update

T-SQL Tuesday #43 – Hello, Operator?

June 11th is next week. It’s a Tuesday, the second Tuesday of the month, making it T-SQL Tuesday! This is your opportunity to write on a specific topic, along with countless* people from around the SQL community (* at least until the end of the day, when it will be quite easy to count how … Continue reading T-SQL Tuesday #43 – Hello, Operator?