PASS Elections: Why I’m leaving the board

It’s PASS Election time, and this year, there are no serving board members on the ballot. Two years ago, Adam Jorgensen, Denise McInerney and I were elected to the PASS board, serving two-year terms. Since then, Adam and Denise have both been elected as Vice-Presidents of PASS, and will remain on the board in that … Continue reading PASS Elections: Why I’m leaving the board

String length and SARGability

CONVERT_IMPLICIT isn’t the only problem with getting data types wrong. You might have the right type, but what if the length is wrong? This post will look at both getting the type wrong and getting the length wrong too. Let’s do some testing. We’ll need a table with indexes. I’d normally use one of the … Continue reading String length and SARGability

Not-so-dirty SQL hacks

Using a hammer to push in a screw isn’t a good idea, no matter how good the hammer is. We all know that. and yet there are times when we get frustrated at the ‘right tool’ and opt for the one that will work. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples in the IT space – … Continue reading Not-so-dirty SQL hacks