Medians pre-SQL 2012

SQL 2012 was a big release for working out the median in SQL Server, with the advent of the function PERCENTILE_CONT(). It’s a very elegant way of working out the median (hint, that’s the 0.5 point), even though it’s not actually an aggregate function, as I’ve written before. Plus – it doesn’t even perform well. … Continue reading Medians pre-SQL 2012

APS / PDW Monitoring

When you get a Analytics Platform System (APS) – the appliance that hosts a copy SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse Edition (EDW) and potentially a Hadoop cluster as well – one of the things that you get is an Admin Console. It’s quite handy to be able to look at it and see if your … Continue reading APS / PDW Monitoring

Four SQL MVPs at LobsterPot – including three in Australia

Today LobsterPot Solutions sets a new first. We are the only company to ever employ three current Australian SQL MVPs, giving us four awardees in total. Congratulations to Martin Cairney who joins Julie Koesmarno (AUS), Ted Krueger (USA) and me (AUS) as recipients of this prestigious award. This demonstrates LobsterPot’s ongoing commitment to the SQL … Continue reading Four SQL MVPs at LobsterPot – including three in Australia