Developing presenters with an open mic night

In August I ran a tag-team user-group meeting. The idea was that people within the group would get up and give a really short presentation about something which they thought was cool. I had a few people put their hands up, and I prompted a few more people as well. All in all, the meeting … Continue reading Developing presenters with an open mic night

How they know you know

There have been many times over the years when someone has asked me to assess someone's skills. Usually this is by looking at a CV, but it has also involved talking to them in an interview setting. For any potential employer, the hiring process is painful. They know they need someone, but typically they don't … Continue reading How they know you know

I’m on the MS Developer Podcast

I'm listening to myself right now on the The Microsoft Developer Show from The Podcast Network, being interviewed about certification. The link is I do talk too fast – that's a pain. I really need to work on that, especially if it's being recorded for a podcast. I don't talk so fast on the … Continue reading I’m on the MS Developer Podcast

SQL Code Camp Talks

All the talks this weekend have been great. Almost every talk has a bunch of things that I really hadn't appreciated before. All 5 SQL MVPs from Australia are here, plus Itzik (from Israel) and a few non-SQL MVPs from Australia. I would've liked there to have been a few more people here from my … Continue reading SQL Code Camp Talks

SQL Talk Drinking game

Personally, I don't drink. Not at all. Just one of those things. But, at TechEd this year, I thought of a drinking game while listening to people talk about data. In the UK, people pronounce data as 'dayta'. In the US, it's 'datta'. And as far as I can tell, people from these places don't … Continue reading SQL Talk Drinking game

SQL Code Camp

Well, here I am at Wagga Wagga. It's Sunday morning, and Itzik Ben-Gan is speaking. He's just shown us slides of the SQLHike trip, which looks like a really cool idea. Being here in the middle of nowhere talking about SQL with people is really fun. My talk (on the OVER() clause) went okay yesterday. … Continue reading SQL Code Camp

MVP status

Well, I'm now a SQL MVP. Scary… I have another blog, at – I'm not sure which I'm going to use regularly yet. So check both!