The best way to pass a Microsoft certification exam

For a limited time only, Microsoft are giving you the chance to have a second shot at any IT professional, developer or Microsoft Dynamics exam. Brilliant!

The way this works (and the way I encourage all my students to do this) is that if you register for this offer and then take an exam, you can take it again some time later for free. Yes, free.

So now let me ask you – which one are you paying for? The first one, or the second one?

It may feel like you're paying for the first one, but don't be fooled. You're actually paying for the second one. The first is just a practice. A chance to get a feel for the exam, a chance to find out how to target your study. Don't lose sleep over the first one. If you use the product, don't even study. Just rock up and see how you go. When you leave, you'll have a piece of paper telling you the areas you didn't do so well, plus you'll know in your head that you need to study up about some particular area.

Don't consider that you get a free 'second shot'. Consider that you get a free practice exam, that comes with the bonus of giving you credit for the real one if you pass. The lack of stress in the first one will actually give you an increased chance. These exams are not a 'single-shot only' thing, like university or high-school. Accept that the first sitting is a learning experience, and pay for the second.

8 thoughts on “The best way to pass a Microsoft certification exam”

  1. No, but I believe you get a discount on the next one. You're not registering for the next exam to be free regardless of what it is – you're paying for a second shot at the same exam.

  2. The 70-431 exam for MCDBA guys consists around two sections.One is normal multiple choices and the second one SIMULATION questions.Simulation section is more important compared to the prior one.So,be prepared well in simulation and attempt the exam.ther are no much dumps available in market

  3. I dont agree that you should 'just roll up' to the initial exam if you work with the product. I have failed 70-270 twice and i work with XP Pro everyday. Been in IT for three years…

    Dont assume you know it, cause when was the last time you set up VPN over dial up??

  4. The only way to sit an exam without stress is to really know your stuff. But I think if you have another attempt coming your way afterwards, that will reduce the stress even more.

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