Putting a Calculated Member into a Display Folder

There are some blog posts that are there to inform other people — this isn't one of these. This is something I always seem to forget, and I'm hoping that writing it in here will cause me to never forget again. It's the knot in my handkerchief, or the writing on my hand.

I put an SSAS (2005) Calculated Member in a cube, and then have trouble trying to get it into a Display Folder, or associating it with a Measure Group…

I always hit F4 and go hunting through the properties list… repeatedly pull down the drop down that says [Measures], looking for it… until I eventually remember the extra little button on the toolbar. The one in the picture on the right.image It's the button between the Script button and the Check Syntax button… the button that always seems to escape out of my head, driving me crazy every few months.

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