SQL Talk Drinking game

Personally, I don't drink. Not at all. Just one of those things. But, at TechEd this year, I thought of a drinking game while listening to people talk about data.

In the UK, people pronounce data as 'dayta'. In the US, it's 'datta'. And as far as I can tell, people from these places don't tend to vary which one they use. But in Australia, the typical pronunctiation is 'darta'. Yeah, I don't get it either. But that's just the way it is.

Now, because of the international nature of the community, many Australian SQL presenters have started to say 'dayta' instead. No-one says 'datta', but people switch between the other two even within the same sentence – (putting 'dayta' into a 'dartabase')

So in my drinking game, you split into pairs. One person is assigned 'dayta', and one is assigned 'darta'. And of course, each time the presenter says it each way, the appropriate person takes a drink (very small, or else they get very drunk very quickly).

SQL Code Camp

Well, here I am at Wagga Wagga. It's Sunday morning, and Itzik Ben-Gan is speaking. He's just shown us slides of the SQLHike trip, which looks like a really cool idea.

Being here in the middle of nowhere talking about SQL with people is really fun. My talk (on the OVER() clause) went okay yesterday. I was last up and had to keep it short, but I got good feedback from people. People liked it when I jokingly told Itzik to just put his hand up if he had any questions. I must check out Itzik's talk on row_number() some time – I'm sure I'd learn plenty, and be able to make my talk even better.